AYVic Acupuncture Clinic

The AYVic Acupuncture Clinic is available to anyone in need of first-class acupuncture.  It is an excellent resource for all students of Yoga, and  an exceptionally good method to unlock your potential, deepen your regular practice, and move you towards your overall goals.  

The AYVic Acupuncture Clinic operates in the beautiful and serene back studio and offers all of us access to this ancient healing medicine . Susan Shields is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher.

We are confident that any treatment you receive here will be an asset to your ongoing quest for extraordinary mental, physical and spiritual health.


Community Clinic $20 - $40 (On a sliding scale)
(Sunday  11:00am -3 :00pm at your AYVic Clinic)

Private Acupuncture Treatments - $60 - $80 (On a sliding scale)
($10 discount for AYVic students)

Private Cupping Treatments - $30
(short sweet treatments for muscular tension / stress relief / cold & flu relief)

Private Treatments are by appointment only.

Please Contact Susan Shields  to schedule a private appointment.

OR drop-in to the Sunday afternoon  Community Clinic.

Susan Shields

Susan Shields is a familiar face around AYVic, she is a dedicated practitioner and teacher here, and is the lead Acupuncturist in the AYVic Acupuncture Clinic.  

Susan will be providing both private treatments and a community clinic for both AYVic Yoga Students and their friends.

Click here for more information on Susan Shields.

To make an appointment, contact Susan directly:



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