Ashtanga Yoga Calgary Workshops
Jeff & Harmony

 Jeff and Harmony's Calgary Workshops & Mysore!


The Next Mysore Week with Harmony

SEPTEMBER 13 - 17, 2015 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please visit HARMONY's Personal Site for More Details

Mysore Weeks:

Join for 1 full week of Mysore practice in CALGARY!

SEPTEMBER 13 - 17 (Sunday - Thursday) 

SUNDAY Workshop: Deeper Dimensions of Yoga 11am - 1pm 

Sunday - Friday: 1st start time will be at 7am on SUNDAY with 2nd start time between 8:15-9am - with practice completing around 10:00am  

ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP on SUNDAY from 11am - 1pm - $30

Monday - Thursday: 1st start time will be as per usual at 5am & 2nd start time will be between 6:15am - 7:30am - with practice completing around 8:30am


ENLIGHT-Yoga Calgary  

#1138 - 10th Ave SW

Calgary AB

ENLIGHT-Yoga has both parking and showers!  

(Please bring your own towels if you are planning on showering)

Tuition: $125 per Week

Single Sessions are $30 when available

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13 - Workshop $30 (11am-1pm)

(Tuition payments are Non-Refundable!)

Please CONTACT US for More INFO

or if you are interested in joining

Calgary Mysore & Workshops

Email Money Transfers

Incredibly easy! If you bank with a major financial institution in Canada, this is a great option and only three simple steps. Individual bank charges will apply.

1. Register. You register for Interac Email Money Transfers through your financial institution.

2. Email the money. Fill out a form similar to the example below. Be sure the email address is correct! (

3. Send us the answer. You can email the answer to


Except we are in Mysore India currently, so you will need to email us the answer to the email address given above, as this number is not in service at the moment.  

Thank You! 

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TIM Miller Workshop

9 - 11, 2015

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