An Introduction for New Students
to Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style

Are you new to Ashtanga Yoga?

Unsure about the Mysore Style?

Check out the information below to clear up any questions you may have as you embark on this beautiful practice.

And remember, if you have doubts, please ask!

What is Mysore?

The "Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style" is the traditional teaching method used by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. It is named after the city of Mysore where he lived and taught for over 70 years.

A Mysore style yoga class is different from a "led" flow class or "hatha" yoga class.

As opposed to the teacher standing at the front of the room and directing the class, the teacher moves through the room individually teaching and assisting students as they practice.

Students are taught individually, step by step, every posture in a group setting. Over time students develop more independence and move through their practice at their own pace while following the specific sequence given to them by the teacher.

What to Expect

Upon arriving to your first Mysore Style class you will be greeted by the teacher and then guided through the first sequence of asanas (postures).

As a new student you will then be asked to repeat these poses so that they become integrated in your body and your mind.

Each posture is designed to prepare you for the rest of the series. Postures are given, one by one, in a certain sequential order.

Your first class may only last 45 minutes - do not despair, as you gain strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration additional asanas are introduced.

Students learn one posture at a time and only after a student has established proficiency in the asana(s) given to them by their teacher - the necessary strength or flexibility of body and/or mind - are they advanced further into a series and their own personal practice.

Students are taught progressively according to their ability. As in many things, more is not necessarily better or appropriate.

With each successive practice, a student develops mastery over the breath and the asanas in the sequence.

What Next?

NEW STUDENTS to the Mysore Method of practice are encouraged to commit to attending at least twice per week for their first few months of practice.

This allows for the integration of the asanas and the breath to take place within the body.

Try to allow enough time for rest (Savasana) at the end of your practice. This time of rest at the end of your practice allows your heart rate and breath rate to come to normal, and allows your nervous system to become calm while your body integrates what you have practiced.

Remember: the goal of yoga is not to reach a particular posture today, it is about growing your personal practice slowly, step by step over time.

In this approach we are creating above all a persistent, patient and compassionate lifestyle discipline and habit within yourself!

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