Pay Online for AYVic Training

You can pay online for all Ashtanga Yoga Victoria memberships.  Use your credit care with  PayPal or Email Money Transfer us from your bank.

Regular PayPal Payments

PayPal will accept all major credit cards and will allow you to set up regular monthly payments.

The process is simple and security is ensured by PayPal.  
You DO NOT need a PayPal account. Simply use your credit card.

OK Here you go, just choose your membership from the drop down menu.

AYVic Membership Options: 10% PayPal/Taxes ADDED to this price.

The PayPal processing fee will be added to the tuition price, increasing your total cost by 5%. This fee will been seen as SALES TAX on your payment.

Email Money Transfers

Incredibly easy! If you bank with a major financial institution in Canada, this is a great option and only three simple steps. Individual bank charges will apply.

1. Register. You register for Interac Email Money Transfers through your financial institution.

2. Email the money. Fill out a form similar to the example below. Be sure the email address is correct! (

3. Send us the answer. Leave us a Voice Mail or Text the "secret answer" to Jeff & Harmony at (250) 889-1161. DO NOT email this answer.


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TIM Miller Workshop

9 - 11, 2015

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