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These printable yoga exercises, specifically the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga PDF's are compliments of Jeff & Harmony Lichty, and the Mysore Program at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria.

We want you to download these resources as a reference and simply ask that you keep it for your personal use only.

To us, 'personal use' means simply for the use of a single individual, rather than reproducing sheets for friends or students please encourage them to visit here to download their own copy of the Primary Series PDF.

Remember, you can't learn yoga from a book or from a couple of pieces of paper. The input of a qualified teacher is always the best resource.

If you have any questions or comments or if their are some resources you would like to see available please send us an email and let us know.

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Printable Yoga Exercises - PDF Download of Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutations

Sūryānamaskāra A & B - PDF Download

This is a 2 page PDF document that shows pictures of the Sūryānamaskāra A&B. It includes the appropriate vinyasa or the breath combined with the movement.

The traditional Sanskrit count has also been included.

Printable Yoga Exercises - Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series PDF Download

Primary Series Practice Sheet - PDF Download

This is a self-explanatory 2 page PDF download picturing the postures of Primary Series.

The Sanskrit names of each posture with the proper diacritic marks is also included.

Printable Yoga Exercises - Ashtanga Yoga Chants PDF Download

Ashtanga Yoga Opening & Closing Chants - PDF

Learning the Ashtanga Yoga opening and closing chants is an exercise in itself.

Learning the overall meaning of the chant and the sanskrit words can lend itself to greater understanding of the whole process or yoga... ENJOY!.

**Our thanks to Fiona Stang and Isaac Murchie for this PDF Download**

Listen to Guruji Chant
the Opening Prayer

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Of course we'll give you some useful tips & tricks from our experience of asana. But we will definitely explore the broader meaning of yoga and its practical application in our lives.

Also, we'll let you know through the Underground when the PDF download of the Intermediate Series becomes available.

Of course somewhere along the way we'll try to have some laughs too!

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