Yoga Class Etiquette

Unsure about Yoga protocol?
Do not fear, we are here to help!

Yoga class etiquette and preparation can often be a mystery for new students. Solution? Have a quick read through this page and you will walk into your first class cool and confident!

Before Class:

1. Try not to eat for about 3 hours before class. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you need to, eat something light and easily digestible.

2. Personal hygiene is an integral part of your yoga practice! Please shower, clean your mat, and wash towels, clothing, and yoga rugs regularly. Your fellow yogis will thank you!

3. Come hydrated but refrain from drinking water for an hour before class. A belly full of liquid will be a regret!

4. Wear anything comfortable that will move with you as you stretch, and bare feet for practice.

Upon Arrival:

1. Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, especially for your first class as there will be a short Introduction Form to fill out. This will give you time to meet your teacher and tour the space as well!

2. Please remove your shoes at reception.

3. Inform your teacher of any injuries or health conditions you are experiencing. It is extremely important they know these details so they can modify your practice as needed.

During Class:

1. Please respect the teacher and ensure your own safety by following instructions.

2. Best not to drink water during practice. If you feel you need to bring a bottle into class, please store it on shelves provided at the back of the studio.

3. Store all other possessions (besides necessary props) on the shelves provided.

4. Set all mobile phones and PDA's to silent or off mode.

5. Most importantly... breathe deeply and ENJOY!


Drink lots of water and take rest! If muscles are sore, a hot bath with epsom salts can help. Take into consideration how your body is feeling before each practice and take it easy if necessary.

Remember: this yoga is not about reaching a goal or certain posture today, it is about growing your practice slowly over time. Above all, be patient and compassionate with yourself!

Now you are equipped with all the yoga class etiquette you need...
See you soon on the mat!

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